- Feb 13, 2013
While religion bodes a great influence among every and all societies worldwide, it is evermore interesting to see it crossing over into the realm of fashion as these religious fashion inspirations will demonstrate.

From editorials to accessories, dominant faiths such as Buddhism and Christianity have served as inspiration for the most the creative of minds in fashion. Though some designers may use faith in their work for its symbolic connotation, the majority use it for its aesthetic appeal. With opulent, intricate and embellished attire and accessories, it makes for a good palette to take influence from. Many of the latest haute couture lines, such as the Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2013 collection, have had a surprising amount of religious fashion making its way down the runway.

Of course, faith's true meaning transcends beyond the materialistic but it doesn't mean we can't borrow divine inspiration from these meaningful beliefs.

From Religious Fashion Couture to Austere Convent Editorials: