The Nic Joly Under Foot Collection of Figurines Portrays Human Vices

From murderous miniatures to blasphemous religious portrayals, the Nic Joly Under Foot Collection covers the majority of human transgression. English artist Joly crafts these small figurines keeping in mind his observations and interactions through his life journey. The collection is an ongoing process with each piece creating a new narrative.

These small sculptures have big kahunas dealing with topics such as religion, sex, loneliness and murder, to name a few. Clearly exemplified is an interesting imagination of an interaction between God and a crucified Jesus in "Can I Come Down Now Dad?" Part-satirical, part-truthful in nature these dark tiny creations can have a big impact on the viewer.

Each work is an original with the possibility of purchase pending availability or a potential buyer can commission Joly for their own portraiture.