Lubolo's Paper Darth Project is Sacrilegiously Sci-FI

 - Jan 22, 2012
References: lobulodesign & neatorama
The Paper Darth Project puts this sci-fi villain in a whole new light. It envisions him as a pious man who looks content with life instead of a person who suffers from having a dark and angry soul. This art piece specifically imitates the Christian icons of Byzantine art. Posing as Jesus Christ himself, it features a Death Star in place of the sacred heart.

Created by Spanish artist simply known as Lubolo, who has worked for various Barcelona agencies, the Paper Darth Project was put together for Argentina’s Göoo Magazine. Crafted out of colorful bristol board material, Lubolo cut an abundant amount of bits and strips that he then proceeded to layer carefully and intricately for a three dimensional affect.