Michelangelo is Challenged by the Jan Fabre 'Pieta' Design

 - Aug 18, 2012
References: janfabre.be & mymodernmet
The Jan Fabre 'Pieta' sculpture is a contemporary reinterpretation of the Italian Renaissance master Michelangelo. Using the most famous version of the Pieta, a religious sculpture of the Virgin Mary holding her son Jesus's dead body, Belgium-based artist Jan Fabre transforms this classic iconography. The artist often uses themes of humanity and empathy in his work and these avant-garde pieces are no different. Replacing Christ with Fabre's own figure, while Mary's face becomes a skull, the piece is examining themes of death and grief.

Surrounded by the main Pieta sculpture are versions of the human brain meant to symbolize universal religions, paganism and the idea that empathy comes from the brain not the heart.

The Jan Fabre Pieta sculptures are on showing in Antwerp, Belgium until September 23, 2012.