Camilla Skovgaard Promotes Her Shoe Collection in an Odd Short

Coveted shoe designer Camilla Skovgaard collaborated with director Ali F. Mostafa and Zebra Katz to create a mysterious fashion film.

The film was released during New York Fashion Week 2012 and flaunts Camilla’s sculptural and textural footwear. The artwork is called ‘Hotel Skovgaard: Room 77’ and features an opening quote from Aristotle, "No excellent soul is exempt from a mixture or madness." This quotation sets a dark tone to the film and foreshadows the bizarre events that take place in it. For example, a woman dressed as a nun watches another woman go mad and attack a mirror in a dim-lit room and the piece ends with a woman turning into a mannequin and literally falling apart.

Camilla Skovsgaard took major risks in making this film and leaves a lasting impression, imbedding the madness in her viewer’s minds.