Stefanie Sutton's ‘Barbie' Shoot Replaces Humans With Dolls

 - Sep 5, 2009
Stefanie Sutton’s ‘Barbie’ pictorial uses the iconic doll as a model an artistic and to-scale fashion shoot. Sutton’s choice to photograph a doll rather than a human is a curious one; is it a commentary on the need to scale back on costs due to the recession? Is it meant to make us think about how much of pop culture has used Barbie’s impossible proportions to prey upon the insecurities of young women? Or is it just a fun shoot that uses a childhood toy in an adult fashion photography setting?

No matter how you interpret Stefanie Sutton’s ‘Barbie’ photo shoot, its beauty can’t be ignored. Check out the full set above, and see more of Sutton’s work here.