- Oct 15, 2014
These October 2014 photography ideas range from poignant nude portraits to urban climber captures that make one exprience dizzying vertigo symptoms.

While photography can often hide one's flaws and imperfections, these examples are all about capturing a raw and candid moment. Finding beauty in imperfection, these October 2014 photography ideas explore themes of life, death and vulnerability.

Whether capturing the innocence of a child's eyes or illustrating the vulnerable side of masculinity, these images aim to tell a story while stirring one's emotions.

In addition to images that capture raw emotion, these photography ideas also play with surrealism and aim to challenge their viewer's perception. Whether inducing shock or fear, the images reach new heights and capture fearless daredevils and brave individuals at their most candid.

From Poignant Nude Portraits to Urban Climber Captures: