Herbert Baglione Photographs the Soul Behind 1000 Shadows

 - Oct 3, 2014
References: facebook & mymodernmet
For his project '1000 Shadows,' Brazilian artist Herbert Baglione transforms abandoned spaces in subtle ways.

Whether it's a 16th-century church or an below-ground hospital, Baglione re-imagines some form of life in these forgotten places. Oftentimes, he will use the materials already there to create a new visual dynamic. Other times, Baglione makes a more overt artistic intervention by painting murals on the walls or hanging objects from the ceiling.

Looking at the images, you get a sense that the spaces are not only abandoned, but also haunted. Like something is lurking in the shadows, but you're unsure if it's good or evil. Taking a more positive interpretation, Baglione describes the work by saying, "It is as if the soul is leaving an invisible trail on these places."