Jamie Lee Curtis Taete Documents Modern Los Angeles

 - Sep 25, 2014
References: vice
Jamie Lee Curtis Taete paints a portrait of modern Los Angeles with his photography. Loosely referred to as the city of angels, but more accurately the city of weirdos, Los Angeles has no shortage of the wacky, the quirky and the flat-out absurd.

Taete admits to having a love-hate relationship with his hometown. Currently on the loving end of the spectrum, Taete writes, "I love the weirdos, the driving, the aggressively-enforced positive vibes, the endless space and the ridiculous weather." I mean, if you can even call over-zealous sunshine "weather."

The photographs depict Los Angeles as a strange, but wonderful place to explore; it's obviously one of those cities with a personality of its own, a city with a history, so to speak.