Photos of My Grandfather Dying Chronicles a Harrowing Loss

 - Sep 19, 2014
References: imagecristal & beautifuldecay
Johann Bouche-Billon approached his latest series 'Photos of My Grandfather Dying,' with sensitivity, compassion and honesty.

Bouche-Billon used his creative work to cope with the news that one of the most important people in his life, his grandfather, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Prior to his grandfather's diagnosis, Bouche-Billion had never lost anyone very close to him. Riddled with anxiety, and experiencing frequent panic attacks, Bouche-Billon struggled to come to terms with the devastating reality of loss and death. This project served as a platform upon which he was able to work through his emotions, eventually coming to a place of healing and understanding.

The series contains images of his grandfather in various states of decline, both alone and surrounded by loved ones, as well as shots of hospitals, IVs and dismal-looking food trays. The series, though heart-breaking, is intimate and strangely beautiful.