The Collecteur is a Collection of Fashionable Still Lifes

 - Sep 24, 2014
References: & honestlywtf
The Collecteur is a blog created and curated by photographer Guilia Scalese.

This project began as a visual diary; a method for Scalese to document and celebrate her favorite garments and accessories. Now, the Collecteur is described, quite accurately, as "still life with personality." Each image (which is cataloged by Scalese, in case you're curious about the origin of the items featured) has such charisma, charm and magnetism, that it looks as though they might spring to life at any given moment.

If you're looking for inspiration for outfits, art or even home decor, these impeccably put-together images will do the trick! At the very least, the vibrant colors and careful arrangement create a composition that you won't soon forget.