Robert Boesch Photographed a Mountaineering Team

 - Sep 26, 2014
References: & mymodernmet
Robert Boesch captured these sensational photos of a mountaineering team on the snowy Alps for Mammut, a Swiss mountaineering brand.

The team's incredible stamina, grit and determination came through, as they tirelessly climbed and hung in suspension ropes, forming delightful patterns against the landscape. One shot is especially significant; Boesch had the team shine their lights on the Matterhorn, a mountain located in the Pennine Alps, which borders Switzerland and Italy. The journey, and photograph, is an homage to Edward Whymper and his men, who were the first to reach the peak 150 years ago.

The entire series is absolutely breathtaking. Seeing the team as tiny specks against the great, white expanse of the Alps, reminds us how vast the universe truly is.