Country Fictions Chronicles a Beatific Surrender to Nature

 - Sep 17, 2014
References: juanaballe & featureshoot
Juan Aballe documents the nomadic lifestyle of people living in rural areas along the Iberian Peninsula for his latest project 'Country Fictions.'

The project came about after some of Aballe's friends traded in big-city life for a quieter, more pastoral existence. Aballe, himself, even considered making the move, but in the end, he stuck to the impermanent role of a visitor, a guest to the bucolic lifestyle. Country Fictions, in a way, is an expression of his fantasy, and it is tinged with a wistfulness, the sense of idealism and optimism, that we often associate with imagination.

The photographs in Country Fictions ultimately represent a utopia; a paradise of sorts, where men and women can abandon all pretense and become one with the nature they so revere. The final series paints a picture of euphoria and intimacy; a holy union between nature and humanity.