'A Row of Bones' Explores Ukraine in its Time of Crisis

 - Sep 24, 2014
References: christophernunn & featureshoot
A Row of Bones is a photo series, captured by British photographer Christopher Nunn, that explores the people and places of the Ukrainian city of Kalush at a time of grave crisis and much suffering in the Ukraine. Nunn had previously visited the Ukraine as a tourist before returning in 2013 with the intention of working on a photography project there. Little did he know that during this time there, the Ukraine would find itself in the center of political turmoil.

Using the events of the day as his inspiration, Nunn got to know the residents of the Ukraine and listened to their stories, before depicting them in the A Row of Bones photo series. Despite not speaking Ukrainian, Nunn established a solid connection with his subjects as exemplified by these captures.