Zev Hoover Looks at Things From an Alternate Point of View

 - Sep 23, 2014
References: flickr & mymodernmet
Fifteen-year-old photographer Zev Hoover creates incredibly imaginative miniature scenes that evoke a sense of magic in the viewer.

Hoover, who first became interested in photography at age eight, photographs the backgrounds at their normal-size; then he shrinks his subjects down to pint-size. For continuity purposes, Hoover always tries to shoot at the same location; when this isn't feasible, he attempts to correlate the lighting and shadows as best he can. Finally, he digitally blends aspects from many different photographs to create a final image that offers the viewer a taste of the surreal.

Hoover enjoys composing these miniature scenes because, as he says, you see a "totally different world when you are thinking from the point of view of something smaller than you."