From Sultry Celeb Shoots to Hilarious Pop Culture Parodies

 - Oct 27, 2014
These October 2014 media ideas are showing a more suggestive side of familiar celebrities and are celebrating pop culture iconography in a humorous way.

From pop culture art parodies to sultry celeb editorials, the October 2014 media ideas are sure to grab one's attention. On the fashion front, celebrities are becoming style icons and are re-shaping their look in front of the camera's lens.

While high fashion magazine covers are being graced by celebrity models, couture editorials are paying homage to retro fashion icons like 70s rock stars or iconic screen sirens.

When looking at art, the idea of the meme is continuing to inspire artists who are bringing together pop culture imagery and humorous captions. From suggestive toy art parodies to tattoo-accented celeb portraits, these media examples provide a perfect balance of old and new references.