Polly Hanrahan Photographed Saoirse Cleary for C-Heads

 - Sep 11, 2014
References: pollyhanrahan & c-heads
Polly Hanrahan photographed the flawless Saoirse Cleary romping through Camber Sands, a beach located in East Sussex, England, for an exclusive C-Heads editorial.

Have you ever heard the phrase, "She's the type of girl that men want to have and other women want to be" or something along those lines? Normally, I reject sentiments such as these, because they're incredibly reductive and erase the diversity of beauty by suggesting there's only one type of attractiveness. However, that logic went out the window when I looked at Saoirse Cleary, a woman so beautiful it's hard to look directly at her. With thoughtful, introspective eyes framed by long lashes, a full, bow-shaped mouth and high, intelligent cheekbones, Cleary is the definition of Patrician beauty ideals.

Thanks to Hanrahan's liberal use of natural light, and Cleary's soft hand while applying her own makeup, this editorial takes on a hazy, luscious quality that cannot be replicated.