Basement Sanctuaries by Gesche Wurfel Captures Unexpected Side of NYC

 - Sep 23, 2014
References: geschewuerfel & designtaxi
When people think of New York City homes, everything from Donald Trump's gaudy golden penthouse to a struggling artists closet of an apartment can come to mind; but hardly anyone would think of the rooms featured in 'Basement Sanctuaries.' Colorful and full of character, these hidden spots were documented by photographer Gesche W├╝rfel, while looking for apartments with her husband.

About the Basement Sanctuaries photo series, she writes, "The images encourage viewers to think in new ways about how space functions in New York City apartment buildings and broaden our understanding of the relationship among migration, semi-public/private space, and the everyday landscape." This rarely discussed space is given a whole new perspective in Basement Sanctuaries, showing that there is always a side that is left unseen.