John Kilar Chronicles the Love and Harmony of Music Festivals

 - Sep 23, 2014
References: johnkilar & itsnicethat
Nomadic photographer John Kilar is fascinated with music festivals, and it shows: his festival photography is some of his most eccentric and compelling.

Kilar is drawn to the freedom of the nomadic lifestyle, which he has been living for the past year, delighted by new people and new environments. In navigating these environments, Kilar is heavily governed by his own intuition, as opposed to expectation or convention.

Non-commercial music festivals, which Kilar has been making a point to go to recently, are "always righteous, since they're free, autonomous and pretty DIY." Though the atmosphere differs from festival to festival, he is always inspired by the easygoing, loving people he has the pleasure of meeting. There is a harmony amongst the people, as if they've figured out how to peacefully co-exist, while the rest of the world still struggles with violence and conflict.