- Jan 2, 2015
These candid menswear editorials range from boyish rebel shoots to raw hoodlum portraits that are embody a daring style aesthetic. While manicured and makeup-clad models will always be a staple of the fashion industry, menswear editorials have recently becoming more understated and raw, replacing perfectly muscular bodies and chiseled features with those that are more androgynous and imperfect.

As models become more alternative looking, as does the photographic style used by many fashion publications. Instead of stiff poses and pre-choreographed shoots, photographers are capturing spontaneous and raw images of their models more frequently.

From brooding model snaps to spontaneous and unflattering images, these candid menswear shoots embrace a heightened sense of realism. Ultimately, the features capture a genuine moment rather than a contrived one.

From Raw Hoodlum Portraits to Boyish Rebel Shoots: