- Mar 24, 2019
The March 2019 design list highlights the importance of an attention-captivating aesthetic, convenience-focused arrangement or a user interface-forward layout. In the highly competitive market of today, these features are incredibly important for companies who want to be desirable.

A Camper store in Barcelona, for example, employs a well-known Japanese architect — Kengo Kuma, for a stylish interior arrangement. The shop is adorned with a striking framework of concave terracotta tiles that are not only beautiful to look at but also offer space for the product to be displayed.

SDI's 'WRKkit' concept, on the other hand, focuses on the conveniences of working culture with a DIY-style flexible office system which allows individuals to be more fluid, collaborative and dynamic as they do their job.

From Creative Award Show Posters to Extremely Compact Micro Flats: