Deeptime Limited Created 3D-Printed Speakers and a Sculptural Subwoofer

 - Feb 23, 2019
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Loudspeaker manufacturer Deeptime Limited created the Ionic Sound System, which consists of beautifully 3D-printed speaker components that have been created from sand.

With the printed sound system, Deeptime Limited notes that it "[turns] sand into sound" and took inspiration from natural forms to sculpt the artful individual components. The first-of-its-kind 2.1 audio set printed from sand consists of the passive Spirula Speakers and the active Thunderstone Subwoofer, both of which boast soft, sculptural forms that remind of objects that can be found on the beach. The pieces made with additive manufacturing are seamless and contain no visible external fasteners or joints, which only amplifies their acoustic properties.

A limited number of these speakers—which will double as works of art for the home—are available for purchase.