Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte's Features Slick Silhouettes

Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte releases an amazingly elegant steel contemporary furniture collection called 'Legs.' The range includes a table, a chair, a step ladder, a stool, and a clothing rail. The designs are kept minimalist and skinny in aesthetic. A predominant quality of the line is the long-legged silhouette that immediately captures the attention.

Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte imagines the steel contemporary furniture collection as "a family of strange creatures." Asymmetry lies at the heart of the designs and is what separates them from their traditional counterparts. The creative envisions the range as "a series of creatures that invade the home." Albeit the minimalist quality of the powder-coated furnishings, their irregular look is sure to make a statement in the modern home interior.

Photo Credits: Miko Miko Studio