- Mar 24, 2019
The March 2019 home round-up features products that rely on technology and design to elevate the stress from chores and the overall aesthetic of the living space. iRobot debuted its autonomous lawn mower which relies on a proprietary smart mapping technology to tend to the garden in a systematic and accurate way. Six N. Five, on the other hand, offers an interesting collection that spotlights iridescent furniture — a daring and interesting venture that guarantees the brand will gain some attention. The 'Holo-Scandinavian' capsule has been set forth in a collaboration with Artur de Menezes.

Finally, the March 2019 home list also calls attention to some architectural concepts that seek to revolutionize the way people live in city environments. Precht's vertical modular housing concept incorporates urban farming which is a great example of how agriculture is making its way back to the mainstream.

From Air-Cleaning Curtains to Farm-Friendly Modular Housing Concepts: