- Mar 31, 2019
A beautiful home can inspire creativity, and this list of March 2019 furniture innovations displays countless examples of modern and aesthetically pleasing pieces of home and office decor.

From minimalist and vibrant designs to tech-fueled home updates, this month had no shortage of creative ideas that were equal parts beautiful and functional. Standouts include the The 'DAL' Ambient Light, which features music connectivity that will play a soft harmony to further the mood set by the lighting. Both gorgeous to look at, practical and emotional, this product aims to make the home beautiful by engaging most of the senses.

This month, a furniture company dubbed 'Burrow' aimed to tap into the Millennial market by creating a couch specifically for this demographic. Both pleasing to look at and affordable, this couch embodies everything Millennials look for when making a space comfortable.

From Millennial Couches to Musical Overhead Lighting: