From the Drake OVO Festival to Coachella Ready Bohemian Looks

 - Feb 19, 2014
Music festival season is almost here, from Coachella Music Festival to the Drake Music Festival OVO Fest. There are so many wonderful outdoor and indoor festivals to enjoy in the upcoming seasons’, which means your music festival style needs to be on point. Music festival season begins in the Spring and goes all throughout the Summer.

Music festival style can range from neon colored crop-tops and sunglasses. To chic long flowing bohemian dresses and floppy hat styles that could be rocked at Coachella. To urban streetwear apparel that’s made for rap performances. The music festival’s genre and demographic determines the festivals clothing attire. For example, if you are attending a rave then neon fruit infused fashions are appropriate. If you are attending the Drake Music Festival then an iconic rapper snapback that reads ‘Notorious’ across the front or one of Drake’s owl infused OVO shirts would complete your look.

Music Festivals are awesomely entertaining experiences so make sure your festival style is just as entertaining and fun as the artists performing!