Ensemble Magazine Spots Classic Cut-Off Shorts and Dashing Dresses

 - Apr 16, 2012
References: nsmbl.nl
The festival season has just started so it is time to match your outfits with this year's festival fashion, which Ensemble Magazine has spotted. The Coachella music festival in Indio, California is the place to spot the new festival fashion finds for this new season; next to the amazing performances, Coachella is always the place with tons of cool outfits and fashionable celebs to be spotted.

The fashionistas on Coachella this year don't bother hiding their legs and a few loners are not scared to show even more of their bodies. The 2012 festival fashion mostly shows shorts (from the USA-flag jeans short and cute white laced versions to a simply black item) combined with wide see-through shirts (seen in dotted, striped or just plain with some added details). If you're more into dresses this year, wear all different lengths of dresses just as long as you make sure your dress is able to wave on the festival winds. Shoe fashion for the 2012 season didn't change too much; fashionistas still trust their good-old sneakers or sandals.