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Outsourcing health and medical care to technology

Implications - Doctors and nurses are increasingly being assisted—or replaced—by technological advances in robotics and machinery. Routine medical visits may become less commonplace in the future as robotic devices that assist in at-home, self diagnostic health care inundate the marketplace.
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Date Range:
Feb 09 — Oct 09
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Featured Examples

Immortality Through Robots
Immortality Through Robots
The 'Oboe' Robot Keeps Memories of Your Loved One Alive
Though none of us, to my knowledge, has the Highlander gift of immortality, the Japanese aim seems to be to take us as close as possible to acquiring it. Albeit in a creepy cybernetic way, 'Oboe' is designed… MORE
Nurse Robots
Nurse Robots
RIBA Assists and Interacts with Humans
The RIBA robot, which stands for “Robot for Interactive Body Assistance,” is ready to take over for human nurses in hospitals. Designed by Japan’s Institute of Physical and Chemical Research and… MORE
Home Medicine Machines
Home Medicine Machines
Watinee Leewongjaroen's Memo Saves Seniors
The Memo is exactly what it sounds like. Well, not completely, but the intention is all there. Watinee Leewongjaroen’s Memo is an at-home robot built to provide care for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.… MORE
Micro-Medical Tests
Micro-Medical Tests
Signos Personal Ultrasound by Signostics Holds 20,000 Images
Signostics’ Signos Personal Ultrasound is the latest in medical testing. Signos weighs about half a pound and is about the size of a PDA. The small size of this ultrasound system will allow smaller… MORE
Cute Rehabilitation Robots
Cute Rehabilitation Robots
Taizou Offers Beneficial Exercises While Keeping a Smile on His Face
The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has revealed a new innovation in physiotherapy. Taizou is a very happy and lovable robot that is designed to assist the elderly… MORE
play_circle_filled Artificial Bones That Grow
Artificial Bones That Grow
The Wright Medical REPIPHYSIS Implants for Pedatric Patients
When children have cancer that invades their bones, they often face multiple surgeries and a lifetime of problems. The fact that the bones in a child are still growing means that tampering with those bones… MORE
Virtual Health Coaches
Virtual Health Coaches
Braun's Clever Care Medical Coach Helps With Self-Care
It seems we're living in a time where we're constantly in a rush; with our the mental preoccupation we struggle to find time for the most important aspect of life, which is life itself. Remembering to… MORE
Blood Sucking Robots
Blood Sucking Robots
The Bloodbot is a Highly Trained Surgical Instrument for Extracting Samples
I’d be lying if I said I was scared of needles. After many years of trips to the doctor’s office, a needle is simply just another medical procedure. What I can say I’m scared of is the Bloodbot. The Bloodbot… MORE
Breast Biopsy Robots
Breast Biopsy Robots
Future Robots May Do Surgery on Their Own
Duke University researchers are working on a robot that can perform a breast biopsy. The human-assisted experimental robot successfully demonstrated its abilities and opens the doors to a wide range of… MORE

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Flea-Sized Robots
Flea-Sized Robots
Researchers Create Tiny Robots for Mass Production
Regal Reconnaissance Robots
Regal Reconnaissance Robots
iRobot Warrior 700 Does the Dirty Work Quite Well
Space Greenhouses
Space Greenhouses
Le Petit Prince Robot Will Help Expand Living on Mars
play_circle_filled Robot Spiderman Spinoffs
Robot Spiderman Spinoffs
Spiderbot Mimics Peter Parker's Skills, Sorta
Remote-Controlled Gamer Robots
Remote-Controlled Gamer Robots
The Roboni-i is Ultimate Interactive Gaming With Real Bots
Robotic Butlers
Robotic Butlers
Butl-R-Bot is a Futuristic Kitchen Assistant
Maid Machines
Maid Machines
Anna Karmazina Creates a Bathroom-Cleaning Robot
play_circle_filled High-Fiving Robots
High-Fiving Robots
Ken Lim's Guardian Robot Monitors Your Twitter Feed, Emotes Accordingly
Robot Soldiers
Robot Soldiers
UN Peace Robots Make Love, Not War
Hairstylist Bots
Hairstylist Bots
Markku Lahdesmaki's Robots Bicycle, Get Drunk & Juggle
Ridiculously Fast Robots
Ridiculously Fast Robots
Impressive Hand Speed By Robot from Ishikawa Komuro Labratories
play_circle_filled Running Robots
Running Robots
Toyota's Newer, Faster Robot Gives Us A Reason To Stay In Shape
Mall-Roaming Robots
Mall-Roaming Robots
Guard Robot D1 Acts as a Guide and Security Staff
Palm-Sized Physicals
Palm-Sized Physicals
The Body Check Ball Measures your Health in an Instant
Robotic Exoskeletons
Robotic Exoskeletons
'Wearable Agrirobot' Power Suit Helps Farm Harvest & Pruning
play_circle_filled Pills That Prevent Heart Disease
Pills That Prevent Heart Disease
5-in-1 Polypill Could Also Prevent Stroke
Medical Magnetic Beads
Medical Magnetic Beads
The Torax LINX Acid Reflux Prevention System
Robotic Motorbikes
Robotic Motorbikes
Aggressive Yellow Motorcycle for Automated Performance
Fire-Breathing Robots
Fire-Breathing Robots
Junkyard Dog with Indigestion Roams the Streets of London
play_circle_filled Reassembling Robots
Reassembling Robots
Shape-Shifting Design That Reconfigures After Being Kicked Apart
play_circle_filled Intelligent Pills
Intelligent Pills
The $1000 Philips iPill Is the Future of Ingestible Target Treatment
play_circle_filled Targeting Tech-Savvy Seniors
Targeting Tech-Savvy Seniors
Silvers Summit Zeroes in On Boomers and Their Parents (CES 2009)
Cancer-Free Children
Cancer-Free Children
Genetically-Modified Infant Stirs Up 'Designer Baby' Concerns
26 Emergency and Disaster Preparation Innovations
26 Emergency and Disaster Preparation Innovations
Inventions to Calm Yellowstone Fears
play_circle_filled RoboTerriers
The G-Dog Servo Robot Does Everything But Crap on the Carpet
Top 20 Robot Trends in 2008
Top 20 Robot Trends in 2008
play_circle_filled Robot Actors
Robot Actors
Osaka University Stages First Human/Wakamaru Play
18 Surveillance and Home Security Inventions
18 Surveillance and Home Security Inventions
Perfect for A-Listers Like Jennifer Garner
play_circle_filled Sticky Medical Breakthroughs
Sticky Medical Breakthroughs
Scotch Tape X-Rays
play_circle_filled Robotic Legs
Robotic Legs
Honda's Walking Assist Device
play_circle_filled Robot Musicians
Robot Musicians
Waseda Flutist Dazzles at BioRob 2008
play_circle_filled Top 10 Freaky Robots
Top 10 Freaky Robots
Awesome, Scary and Better Than Gears of War 2
Medical Science Breakthroughs
Medical Science Breakthroughs
The Autonomous Artificial Heart
Retro Inventions
Retro Inventions
Apple Admits iPod Invented in 1979, Uses Inventor in Court
27 Innovations for Seniors
27 Innovations for Seniors
Weird Inventions
Weird Inventions
Bruce Brodie's Creations From The Attic
Robot Nurses
Robot Nurses
Touchscreen X-Ray Machine Has Fun Webgames & TV Too
Touchscreen X-Ray Machine Has Fun Webgames & TV Too
The MEDIVista Medical Equipment
Designer Vitamins
Designer Vitamins
Personalized Pills
Glow-In-The-Dark Medical Gadgets
Glow-In-The-Dark Medical Gadgets
Transluminal Catheter
play_circle_filled Robotic Dental Patient
Robotic Dental Patient
Japanese Simroid Responds to Pain
Handheld Medical Scanner
Handheld Medical Scanner
Opulent Medical Gadgets
Opulent Medical Gadgets
Gold Hearing Aid, Bling Asthma Inhaler
Ready to Serve Hospitals by 2010