Gold Hearing Aid, Bling Asthma Inhaler

 - Aug 27, 2007
References: blog.scifi
I know we're all getting sick of everything 'bling'. Gold flake vodka, diamond studded cellphones, $20,000 fancified iPods, platinum sex toys.. It seemed there couldn't possibly be anything left to kitsch up with gold, glitter, crystals or gems. Trend Hunter has been reluctant to publish any more "bling" articles -- we were ready to put our foot down; this wasn't news anymore. It was getting ancient.

Turns out, we were wrong. It seems the one niche that hadn't been fancified with all things sparkly was the medical industry. You bet, now we have bling medical gadgets, including Respire's breath-taking bling asthma inhaler case and the 24-carat gold, 220 diamond-crusted hearing aid.

"The revolutionary aid means even aging hip hop aficionados, reeling from years of overexposure to deafening bass beats, can get help for their hearing without looking like they are signing up for the blue rinse brigade," The Wimbledon Guardian couldn't resist writing about the world's most expensive hearing aid.

"As digital hearing aid technology has advanced wearers have become increasingly proud of the devices and the effects they have on their lives. Combine this with an ever younger age profile for hearing aid wearers and more and more clients advertise the fact they use an aid and even wear them as pieces of jewellery."

Trend Hunter already had an incling that med would go bling a few months ago when we published an article about medic alert bracelets turned fashionable jewelery.