Osaka University Stages First Human/Wakamaru Play

 - Nov 29, 2008
References: & idleparis
At Japan's Osaka University, the first Human/Robot play was staged to an audience made up of media--all humans.

The 20 minute production called Hataraku Watashi ("I, Worker") is written by playwright Oriza Hirata. The play is about the plight of two working housekeeper robots--one of whom loses its zeal for working--and their owners.

The non-human actors, modified Wakamaru robots usually used for helping the disabled and seniors, have perhaps found another calling.

According to The Sun, one person who viewed the play said, "It was very surprising, you could see the robots thinking about how to respond--you could swear they were feeling emotion."

All the world's a stage / And all the men, women and robots merely players...