Butl-R-Bot is a Futuristic Kitchen Assistant

 - Aug 21, 2009   Updated: Jun 7 2011
References: tuvie
Butl-R-Bot is basically the perfect kitchen assistant. If you need an extra couple of hands around the house, this futuristic robotic butler is perfect for you.

Butl-R-Bot comes equipped with cameras, sensors, artificial intelligence, and humanistic arms that allows the robot to cook full meals, take orders and interact with other kitchen appliances.

The Butl-R-Bot is a great idea for big families and dinner parties.

Implications - With consumers living increasingly fast-paced lifestyles, they are often office-bound and deprived of help in the home. Domestic robots can ease the burden by cleaning and monitoring households while their owners are away. Industries can cater to this busy demographic by exploring the field of robotics.