From Luxury Instant Noodles to Undercover Air Purifiers

 - Mar 8, 2012
These rad ramen innovations prove that the traditional dorm room cuisine is a whole lot more than a quick hunger fix. From air freshners to luxury noodle brands, the ramen aesthetic and taste has crept up in a slew of unexpected places. Sure to have you reminiscing on the days when a slice of veggie pizza was the closest you got to a salad, these rad ramen innovations will have you craving the convenience of a meal in a cup.

From accordion-inspired packaging to noodle-infested hot tubs, these rad ramen innovations are sure to raise a few eyebrows and satisfy some tummies. The perfect celebration of blissfully cheap and fuss-free eating, these neat noodle creations are full of fun and guilty indulgences. Ditch your food snobbery and pay tribute to the food that fueled you through your impoverished university years.

Kitschy, fun and delicious, these rad ramen innovations are sensational and slurp-able.