5-in-1 Polypill Could Also Prevent Stroke

 - Apr 2, 2009
References: news.bbc
Who doesn’t dream of living longer? A 2005 study showed that the average first world human lives 77 to 83 years. But don't you want to live longer? With the help of a pill that can protect you from the biggest cause of death, heart disease, you might be able to.

Scientists have come up with a concept pill that can be taken by anyone over 55 years old to reduce 80% of heart disease. With the help of weight loss, and safe drugs like aspirin, statin and three blood pressure lowering drugs wrapped into a single Polypill, heart disease could be reduced. 

The drug is still not on the counter; it has just been tested in India and shows great hope and was well tolerated by those who took it. It was trailed by 2,053 healthy individuals, without any major side-effect reduction seen in their blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A spokesman from British Heart Foundation said, "We now need further research to examine whether the Polypill actually reduces mortality."

Researchers believe it will take at least five years to gather enough data to get the Polypill approved by drug regulators. If approved, the magic pill would be a cheap way to save lives of millions. So, if you want to deduct heart disease from your journal, keep an eye on the magical Polypill.