Markku Lahdesmaki's Robots Bicycle, Get Drunk & Juggle

 - Aug 13, 2009   Updated: Jul 4 2011
References: markkuphoto & dvice
Markku Lahdesmaki's robots juggle, get drunk, use pay phones, ride bicycles down beach boardwalks, and cut hair. Well, sort of.

While Markku Lahdesmaki's robots aren't real, his art is so realistic that the robots actually seem believable. Each bot exhibits human characteristics that are exceedingly well done. You can check out Markku Lahdesmaki's robots in the gallery above, and be sure to see his website below for more.

Implications - As common lifestyles become increasingly busier, robots are being embraced for their helpful abilities. Consumers appreciate domestic robots that are able to complete tasks they themselves have no time to do. Companies can appeal to busy demographics by manufacturing robots that can ease the burden in the household.