From Bookworm Rap Battles to Hip-Hop Spelling Remixes

 - Jul 6, 2012
These hilarious hip-hop finds show how easy it is to poke fun at even the most successful music moguls.

Easily mocked but incredibly powerful in the music industry, leaders in rap and hip-hop are often targeted as great parody subjects. Figures shown by the media to be incredibly egotistical or immensely extravagant dominate this music scene, offering some easily mocked content for viewers to go wild with. Not all of these parodies are made equally, and some come from a more obvious place of good than others. Generally lighthearted, however, hip-hop spoofs are addictive and tend to go viral across the blogosphere.

From making intimidating songs downright nerdy to creating very literal interpretations of rapper culture, no adaptation is seen as over-the-top, leading to some impressively hilarious outcomes.