The Lil Wayne Metaphor Machine Tumblr Features Some Witty Lines

The Lil Wayne Metaphor Machine is a Tumblr account, and quite a clever one at that, that generates some of the pint-sized rapper’s most notable metaphors. As any fan of Lil Wayne can attest to, the New Orleans native, who has been working for years and started rapping before he hit puberty, consistently comes out with some of the best metaphors in the industry.

From lines like "It’s a new game and I’m the coach like Avery. Leave it to the flow, we gettin’ dough like a bakery" and "I’m cruisin’ on the road of life but I need a passenger. Appetite for love, and Ma, I’m hungry like a scavenger," it isn’t hard to see why the Lil Wayne Metaphor Machine exists. Regardless of whether the metaphors are good or not, Weezy always delivers what fans want of him.