This Scribbling Lyrics Tumblr Pairs Words with Appropriate Typefaces

It’s difficult to showcase typographic artistry without wrapping it in something that really connects with viewers, which is why this Scribbling Lyrics Tumblr has paired funky looking fonts with obscure song lyrics. Expect to see bold and commanding fonts coupled with exclamatory words while softer, more elegant typefaces matched up with gentler lyrics.

Part of the fun in the Scribbling Lyrics Tumblr is in trying to decipher where the lyrics come from. It really tests your hipster credibility and makes you feel unaccomplished when you have absolutely no clue where a particular set of words comes from.

Though the concept is simplistic, the Scribbling Lyrics Tumblr is really taking off on the popular blogging website as it houses tons of songs for bloggers to express their idiosyncratic tastes in music using a simplistic image macro.