Ill Doctrine's "A Poem for the Young Voter"

 - Oct 31, 2008
References: illdoctrine & feministing
Podcasting and blogging meet socially-conscious hip hop in Ill Doctrine’s viral video "A Poem For The Young Voter." This video reminds us of the complacency and apathy often evident amongst youth voters and urges them to take action. 

Ill Doctrine was created by Jay Smooth, founder of WBAI’s radio show, Underground Railroad. Smooth urges young voters, through his eloquent lyrics, to get up off their asses and vote.  He poses the question; "Imagine that one day your kids want to ask you; where were you when this moment in history passed you?  And we have to tell our daughters and all our sons we stayed home on the day Obama almost won?"

Musicians are coming out in droves to express their political ideologies, and not surprisingly, they are left leaning.  From Everclear’s "Jesus was a Democrat" to Paris Hilton’s "Paris for President," music represents the social voice of youth, and the message is clear: Youth want Obama!

Perhaps we should call it Hip Hope.