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Digital Sentiment

Using the Internet to create spectacles of affection

Implications - People have put significant time, money and creative energies into showing people that they value their relationships for centuries, but the Internet has proven to do just that yet at no cost and for little time. Social networks have the added benefit of being viral distribution platforms, should people care to spread the word.
6 Featured, 38 Examples:
754,651 Total Clicks
Date Range:
Jun 09 — Oct 09
Consumer Insight Topics:

Featured Examples

play_circle_filled Hooking Up 2.0
Hooking Up 2.0
From San Francisco's Silent Speed Dating to Burlesque for Boys (THTV)
Silent speed dating, burlesque for boys and racing in puffy suits. Today we hunt Hooking Up 2.0 in San Francisco. 10. San Fran's Second Skin Exhibit is perfect place for aspiring artists to showcase costume… MORE
Stop Motion Proposals
Stop Motion Proposals
Kent Yunge Uses 550+ Pictures to Ask His GF to Marry Him
Kent Yunge wasn’t content with a classic down-on-one-knee proposal in a romantic place; this enamoured creative genius asked his girlfriend to marry him with a stop-motion proposal. Using over 550 still… MORE
play_circle_filled Cell Phone Proposals
Cell Phone Proposals
High-Tech Romantic Proposal Uses 240 Cell Phones
As one of the popular movies during the summer, 'The Proposal' has entertained many people and inspired videos like this. With the help of his friends, the man in the video uses 240 cell phones to make… MORE
Facebook Search Marriages
Facebook Search Marriages
Kelly Hildebrandt and Kelly Hildebrandt Search and Find Love
To all you single self-Googlers out there, perhaps you should be trying a new media if you haven’t already: Facebook. You just might get lucky and find that special someone like Kelly Hildebrant did. … MORE
play_circle_filled Bar Game Engagements
Bar Game Engagements
Megatouch Game Helps Man Pop the Question
Patrick Leonard wanted to do something creative when he proposed to his girlfriend Sarah. He thought of all the things they had in common. Shared interests in certain hobbies, books, movies, etc. raced… MORE
Tweet Engagements
Tweet Engagements
See the Impact of Twitter and 140 Characters
Who foresaw the scope of the impact Twitter could have? Maybe this is what Twitter’s creators had in mind. Although, the meaningless tweets may have been a better guess at how the service would be used. MORE

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play_circle_filled Screensaver Feeds
Screensaver Feeds
Follow Digg and Twitter Even During Computer Breaks
Social Media Identities
Social Media Identities
Portwiture Illustrates Your Twitter Personality
Tweaked-Out Twitter Debuts
Tweaked-Out Twitter Debuts
Danny DeVito Joins Twitter, Makes Fantastic First Tweet & TwitPic
Twitter Emulators
Twitter Emulators
CtwittLIKE Lets You Step Into Someone Else's (Virtual) Shoes
Crazy Cake Toppers
Crazy Cake Toppers
Some of the Most Bizarre Ways to Celebrate a Marriage
User-Suggested Twitter Features
User-Suggested Twitter Features
Project Retweet Will Make the RT a Native Feature
play_circle_filled Twitter Secretaries
Twitter Secretaries
Twuner Dictates Your Tweets Aloud for Your Listening Pleasure
Dog Weddings
Dog Weddings
Two Pugs Tie the Knot In a Pet Store, Complete With Marriage Certificate
Twitter Toys
Twitter Toys
Application Logo Becomes Ollie the Twitterific Bird Vinyl Toy
Twitter Tutorials
Twitter Tutorials
'Twitter 101' Launches as a Primer for the Suits
False Perspective Wedding Photos
False Perspective Wedding Photos
Tiny Brides & Grooms Celebrate Marriage in a Lilliputian Way
Twitter Concierges
Twitter Concierges
Hyatt Extends Hospitality to the Internet With @HyattConcierge
play_circle_filled Skype Speed-Dating
Skype Speed-Dating
Skyecandy Aims to Revolutionize the Online Dating World
14 Peculiar Ways to Propose
14 Peculiar Ways to Propose
From Twitter Proposals to a Personalized Nintendo Proposal
play_circle_filled Musical Proposals
Musical Proposals
Disneyland's Main Street Used as a Stage for Question Popping
62  Modifications On Marriage
62 Modifications On Marriage
From Shrek-Inspired Ceremonies to Silly Cake Toppers
Blogging Comics
Blogging Comics
Betty Cooper & Veronica Lodge Blog About Archie Andrews' Proposal
Burlesque for Boys
Burlesque for Boys
Male Entertainers Like ‘Boylesque' Travel the Globe
'Shrek' Weddings
'Shrek' Weddings
Ogre Theme is a New Twist on Fairytale Marriage
Mid-Air Marriages
Mid-Air Marriages
EasyJet Proposes Idea of In-Flight Wedding Ceremonies
Social Reality Weddings
Social Reality Weddings
From Online Dating to the 'Married on MySpace' Show
Silent Speed Dating
Silent Speed Dating
Eye Gazing Parties Let SF Locals Find Love at First Sight
High-Profile Facebook Breakups
High-Profile Facebook Breakups
Chris Brown and Rihanna Change Relationship Status to 'Single'
play_circle_filled Noisy Eco-Performance Arts
Noisy Eco-Performance Arts
'Soundsuits' Are Sculptural Magic in Motion
play_circle_filled Contact Dance Communities
Contact Dance Communities
Masters of Improvisational Movement Say It's Better Than Sex
play_circle_filled Acrobatic Contemporary Dance
Acrobatic Contemporary Dance
Scott Wells' Powerful Performances Dazzle Bay Area Attendees
Fake Online Love Diaries
Fake Online Love Diaries
The Heartbroke Daily
play_circle_filled Art Shows from Internet Memes
Art Shows from Internet Memes
LOLarts Show
play_circle_filled Nerdy Marriage Proposals
Nerdy Marriage Proposals
Geek Hacks Video Game to Pop the Question
play_circle_filled Urban Star Wars Invasions
Urban Star Wars Invasions
'Death Star' Over San Francisco
Inspired Romantic Proposals
Inspired Romantic Proposals
Zales Jewelers 'String (Love Rocks)'
Twitter Proposals
Twitter Proposals
Popping the Question Online
play_circle_filled Racing in Puffy Suits
Racing in Puffy Suits
The Aeolian Ride
play_circle_filled Clothing as a Moving Canvas
Clothing as a Moving Canvas
The 2nd Skin Exhibit in San Francisco
Propose With an iPod Touch
Propose With an iPod Touch
'Marry Me' iPod
play_circle_filled No Pants Subway Ride
No Pants Subway Ride
900 Underground Underwear Enthusiasts in NYC
Love Defined By A Drop Down Menu
Love Defined By A Drop Down Menu
Facebook Relationship Status
Proposal By LCD
Proposal By LCD
Euricase Does The Asking For You