Innovative bubbles clue us to the opportunity of anything that invokes childhood me

Implications - Products encompassing the traits of bubbles appeal to consumers seeking entertaining. Items covered on the site include digital and chocolate bubble wrap, colored soap bubbles, glow in the dark bubble bath soap, and even chicken-scented bubbles for dogs.

These products illustrate the continued fascination with products typically associated with childhood into adulthood. Innovations that harness a consumer’s playful side hold massive appeal.
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Glow in the Dark Bubble Bath
SCORE: 6.5
Viral 35,323 Clicks Pub: Sep 9, 06
Glow in the Dark Bubble Bath
Nerd up your bathtub with glow in the dark bubble bath. It probably doesn't cause cancer. From Latest Buy: You sink into a warm bath, the scent of vanilla and honey wafts through the air, pleasuring… [More]
Fetch A Bubble - Chicken Scented Bubbles For Your Dog
SCORE: 4.9
Hot 8,363 Clicks Pub: Feb 27, 07
Fetch A Bubble
Chicken Scented Bubbles For Your Dog
One of the most bizarre pet toys out there is the new Gazillion Fetch a Bubble Machine by Gazillion. Loaded with chicken scented bubble solution, this gadget will amuse your pet by billowing out a bounty… [More]
Digital Bubble Wrap - PutiPuti
SCORE: 5.2
Warm 7,561 Clicks Pub: Jun 26, 07
Digital Bubble Wrap
Bandai has invented a toy called PutiPuti, which emulates the sensation you get from popping bubble wrap along with the sound. Bandai designed the toy in co-operation with the real maker of bubble wrap… [More]
Zubbles: Colored Bubbles Without The Chemical Burn
SCORE: 2.9
Warm 3,633 Clicks Pub: Nov 27, 05
Zubbles: Colored Bubbles Without The Chemical Burn
It’s what you’ve been waiting for.  Inventor Tim Kehoe has created ‘unnaturally beautiful colored bubbles”... and it only took half a million dollars of investment to... [More]
Chocolate Bubble Wrap
SCORE: 3.2
Mild 4,828 Clicks Pub: Mar 7, 07
Chocolate Bubble Wrap
If you're already addicted to popping bubble wrap, you'll be happy to learn that chocolate bubble wrap is now available. Chocolate Bubble Wrap comes to us from Delessio Market Bakery in San Francisco.… [More]
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