From Air Quality Awareness Purifiers to Opioid Relapse Apps

 - Sep 29, 2018
From snacks and supplements that ensure sustainable nutritional values are reached daily to techy devices that help individuals manage a condition, these September 2018 health trends are sure to enhance one's lifestyle.

Sushi-lovers will be delighted this month as they hear of Kaisho's sashimi snack supplement. A source of Protein, Vitamins B6 and B12, the company offers practical pre-portioned servings of tuna, salmon and sweet shrimp. If you are not the one to indulge in Japanese food delights, brands like PACK'D and Love Wellness provide consumers with a convenient alternative. These pills are able to support the body and prevent unpleasant reactions like bloating.

In terms of smart devices, the Septemeber 2018 health list boasts design-conscious medical wearables, emotion-tracking wristbands, energy-boosting eyewear, household item-sanitizing devices and more.