- Sep 29, 2018
September 2018 fashion collections strongly focus on contemporary streetwear that embraces youth culture and uniqueness.

Some brands like The North Face are providing consumers with customization-forward outerwear. The adventure company released a jacket in Japan that can be personalized to reflect the passions of its wearer. Playfully building on the label's famous slogan — 'NEVER STOP EXPLORING,' the customizable piece features a sizable back print with an unfinished version of the saying. The design is meant to encourage consumers to complete the sentence with what they are passionate about.

Another brand initative that seeks to intimately reach consumers is Converse's 'All The Stories Are True.' The footwear label hosted a Toronto pop-up event, where individuals were able to put alternative laces, patches, charms, pins, and stamps on their sneakers.

From Cheeky Art School T-Shirts to Luxe Scratch-Off Sneakers: