UNDERCOVER's Astronaut Jacket is Packed with Space References

 - Aug 10, 2018
References: hlorenzo & hypebeast
Among the many space-themed reflective puffer outerwear on the market right now, Jun Takahashi's astronaut jacket is definitely a noteworthy piece. Offered through the designer's UNDERCOVER imprint, the Astronautics Down Jacket embraces the fashion-forward space obsession to the fullest through "an integrated helmet hood with a transparent visor [and] raglan shoulders." Swift reflective detailing further accentuate the astronaut jacket, making the UNDERCOVER offering as authentic as possible.

In addition, the piece makes references to one of the most iconic space movies in history. With an emblem that boasts 'HAL 9000,' the design of the astronaut jacket boldly makes a shout out to Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece '2001: A Space Odyssey.'

The UNDERCOVER outerwear offering is available in two colorway — red and burgundy.