From Illusory Gourmet Desserts to Extravagant Diamond Fountain Pens

 - Jul 28, 2018
The July 2018 design trends display innovation in function, convenience, entertainment and aesthetic. In the creation of his illusory gourmet desserts, for example, Chef Ben Churchill makes use of a deceptive styling technique and approach to presentation that mask a delicious treat in the exterior of a rather ordinary and somewhat unappealing object — like a dish sponge or a moldy orange. Other instances of design-forward thinking extend to much more useful products that will definitely prove to be of assistance to consumers. In this case, Philip Frenzel has the solution to broken screens with his airbag-inspired phone case. A third kind that is prominent in the July 2018 design list is the abundance of arty and conceptually-challenging furniture pieces for the home.

With regards to its flexability and creativity, the design industry always has the potential of solving pesky problems or elevating an aesthetic to astronomical heights.