The SanSui Humidifier/Diffuser Artfully Promotes Unwinding

 - Jun 6, 2018
References: 2-la & kickstarter
SanSui recently launched on Kickstarter as a combination humidifier/diffuser that artfully promotes relaxation.

While there are many humidifier and diffuser designs that boast forms that are purely functional over aesthetically pleasing, the SanSui sets itself apart in this regard. The beautifully crafted personal humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser takes cues from the natural world and Zen physiology.

Aside from its calming look, the unique humidifier/diffuser leverages the rules of physics for absorption and evaporation. To use the device, one may fill the reservoir with water, secure the felt silhouettes and place the lid atop, along with any desired essential oils to add an aromatic quality to the experience. Due to the natural design of the system, SanSui can be placed anywhere without being limited by cords and cables.