- May 26, 2018
As the June 2018 lifestyle trends reveal, consumers continue to look for new and innovative ways to stay healthy despite increasingly busy schedules. For many, this involves finding shortcuts for eating healthy on the go.

One way that consumers are improving their eating habits in the office is by turning to vending machines with healthier offerings. For instance, the The Green Moustache Organic Café recently debuted "Canada’s first all-vegan vending machine" inside the Meadow Park Sports Centre. Similarly, Byte Foods recently rolled out larger-format smart fridges for its corporate clientele.

Beyond the trusty vending machine, the June 2018 lifestyle trends demonstrate that consumers are also taking advantage of the rise in on-demand delivery to eat healthier throughout the work week. One of these delivery services is Wise Apple, which offers weekly, curated meals for kids and adults alike.

From Fresh Food Vending Machines to Nutritious Meal Subscriptions: