The Ledger Blue Security Device Ensures Advanced Protection

 - Apr 13, 2018
References: ledgerwallet & thegadgetflow
Cryptocurrencies have grown immensely in popularity, which is seeing investors seek out new ways to ensure they don't lose track of their funds like the Ledger Blue personal security device. Packed with advanced security, the device integrates a touchscreen display and a connected experience that will enable users to authorize transactions as they come about. Users can protect their information with a PIN code, while the advanced operating system will enable users to completely control what apps are allowed access on the device.

The Ledger Blue personal security device for cryptocurrencies acknowledges the growing popularity of digital currencies as consumers seek out ways to diversify their investment portfolio and try out new methods of payment. The device is finished with an anti-scratch glass to keep it looking as clean as possible from the moment you start using it.