From Creepy Alcohol Caskets to Fantasy Beer Packaging

 - Jan 1, 2013
2012's drinking trends ranged from TV series-inspired beers to adorable and charming DIY recipes.

Many companies in the industry capitalized off of consumer interests and holidays, with product debuts like Game of Thrones beer and Christmas-themed liquor bottles hitting the shelves. Linking products like this to a great social phenomenon is a brilliant marketing move, and gained a ton of attention to the brands that took part in this strategy.

Showing the popularity of blogs in general, this year showed a great amount of tutorials and recipes that allow readers to create innovative, charming and unique at-home boozy creations.

The drinking industry is constantly changing, but it's great to see more creativity coming from brands in terms of marketing, packaging and recipes. To learn more about upcoming trends, check out Trend Hunter's Drinking Trend Report.