Faucet Face Urges the Reuse of Bottles to Save the Earth and Aid the Thirsty

 - Feb 9, 2012
References: faucetface & notcot.org
Selfishly speaking, there are many reasons why drinking from the tap is the favorable option over purchasing filtered H2O in plastic water bottles. Faucet Face's campaign begins by appealing to those of a thrifty nature while strongly presenting the perks of a healthier planet and plenty of human beneficiaries.

The company sells three products, of which the most obvious value is found in the reusable glass bottles. Each has been playfully labeled with either "Hose Water," "Tap is Terrific" or "Hummingbird Water." Delightful illustrations and typography by Ray Fenwick, Seb Lester and Anneka Tran celebrate the quality of American infrastructural springs.

The goal is to get people to buy and refill Faucet Face canteens to reduce plastic waste. A portion of the profits for these flasks even goes towards the manufacturing of BioSand Filters for rural India, equating to roughly 100 liters of donated potable water for each bottle sold.