From Hovering Concept Cars to Floating Abodes

 - May 14, 2012
The ability to float above the ground is something fascinating to ground-treading human beings and a collection of deceptively gravity-defying objects bring a little magic to traditionally land-based transportation and home furnishings.

With space on the planet filling up quickly, architects are taking their design aesthetics up-and-away, focusing their attention on floating homes and hovering hotels.

Residential design is not the only sector to take a nod from Back To The Future and Michael J Fox's hover board, as new advancements in the transportation sector are attempting to tackle traffic congestion and roads that are constantly in a state of repair. Volkswagen is one of the first automotive giants to come up with a hovering car, albeit, it's just a concept and is not ready for mass production.

While the majority of these creations only appear to levitate, thanks to cleverly colored suspension and optical illusions, they create a suspension of disbelief that makes them eye-catching all the same.